Traditional murals as well as multimedia installations that incorporate LED lighting, wood cut outs, and augmented reality, that capture the story and cultural heritage of local communities.


A premier cinematographer and editer with a wide range of commercial work and cultural content that focuses on  personal stories and storytelling.

Since 1993

Ernesto hernandez

Ernesto Hernandez Ramirez is a self taught muralist with over 22 years of experience creating public artwork. He has painted numerous large-scale murals on the border of Juarez-El Paso, Georgia and as far away as Chiapas Mexico.

He received scholarships to The Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI., where he attended a year, but then moved on to The Savannah College of Art and Design, where he studied Furniture Design and Motion Graphics.  Bringing all the knowledge and experience he acquired throughout the years, including the influence from his father who is a master construction builder and his brother who is an Architect, Ernesto developed a new style he coined Muralism 4D (4th dimension = Time). He currently incorporates interactive media like Augmented Reality (AR), in hopes of engaging all aspects of the community in an audio/visually stimulating way.  His focus is on fussing murals, technology and education.


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